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Birthday Parties



Choose from pottery wheel, ceramics or canvas and we'll walk your group through step-by-step to create their masterpieces. 

We can book any day/time of the week based on studio availability.

$50 non-refundable deposit required.

Check out our kids gallery under the CANVAS tab.

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Now booking our new family-style birthday parties for groups of at least 8 people or more. 
Masks are required and children must remain in their seats unless accompanied by an adult. 
Children are no longer allowed to be dropped off and unattended to any birthday party. All attending children must be watched over by the participating family. All seating is for paid participants only. Because of social distancing guidelines, all attending family (aside from 2 adults) MUST be a paid guest and is encouraged to create the chosen party project. 
Tables and seating are for the art projects only. We will provide one additional 4' table to use for presents and/or cupcakes.
Party projects typically last about an hour but depends on other factors.
Family parties can be scheduled for ceramics, canvas, or pottery wheel.
Rates are as follows:
Kids size canvas painting (11" x 14") $18 per person
Adult size canvas painting (16" x 20") $28 per person
Ceramics can all be picked individually the day of the party.
If a minimum of $200 is spent on ceramics, we will apply a 15% discount.
Pottery Wheel (1 piece each) $25 per person
Pottery Wheel (2 pieces each) $40 per person
+ tax
A non-refundable $50 is required to book your event.
Kids parties scheduled outside of studio hours will be an additional $25 per hour. 
The studio may be rented for an additional hour onto any party at a rate of $40 per hour. 
Please do not wear anything you would be upset about getting paint on. We do have aprons available to use, but you may still get messy. We are NOT responsible for any damage from paint on personal items. 
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