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Please read all information at the bottom of the page before registering. Pottery Wheel Workshops Now Available at Our Poland Location!
Poland Hrs: Friday 2-6 pm
                       Saturday 12-5 pm
                       Sunday 12-5 pm

June 3rd 2-4 pm $45  Ages 10+ 

June 17th 5-7 pm $45 Adults Only

July 15th 2-4 pm $45 Ages 10+

July 21st 2-4 pm $45 Ages 10+

Clay is VERY messy- please wear old clothes and shoes. 
It does wash out easily though.
 Please do not wear any long necklaces or rings.
Nails MUST be short.
Clay wheel workshops take multiple trips to the studio to complete. Each class includes up to 4 lbs of clay and each participant may end up with different amounts of items based on their individual learning curve. Our goal is to have you make at least one small piece such as a bowl or cup although some participants may end up with more than others. 
Clay pieces will be made on the wheel in the workshops. Then they will be ready to be glazed 2 weeks later after air drying for 1 week and then being fired for the first time. Another visit is required to glaze your pieces (trip 2). Then the pieces need to be fired again and are ready for pick up 1 week later (trip 3). Please note our studio hours to make sure you are available to come into the studio for your additional trips. The Poland studio is only open Friday 2-6 pm, Sat & Sun 12- 5 pm. If these times do not work for you, please do not sign up for a wheel workshop. 
Pieces MUST be completed within 120 days of the scheduled workshop or the pieces will be recycled. No refunds will be given for recycled pieces.
No refunds or transfers will be given for cancellations with less than 48 hour notice. 
Afternoon classes are ages 10 and up.
If you have long hair, be sure to bring a hair tie.
Clay may be purchased at a rate of 5 lbs for $35 to be worked on in open-studio which includes glaze and firings. 
Private pottery wheel workshops are available for groups of 4-8 participants only. Rates for private parties are $45 per person. 
A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to book a private event.