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Wonderstruck Artisan

2 Locations!
Hours: Canfield Open Studio Hours
3649 Canfield Rd. Canfield, OH 44406
Sun:  12-5
Mon:  Private Parties Only
Tues:  Private Parties Only
Wed:  10-4
Thurs: 10-6
Fri:     10-6
Sat:    10-5

Hours: Poland Office Hours
6545 Clingan Rd. Poland, OH 44514
Sun:  12-5 
Mon:  Private Parties Only
Tues:  Private Parties Only
Wed:  Private Parties Only
Thurs: Private Parties Only
Fri:     2-6
Sat:   12-5

Disclosure: Wonderstruck, LLC is not responsible for any damages to clothing or any personal items. We are a paint studio and there is always a possibility that paint could end up on your items. Simply put, if you would be upset if paint got on it, DON'T wear/bring it. Thank you.